Monthly Archives: February 2013

25 Feb3 Design Essentials for Exception Processing

Uncluttered: When there are exceptions, make it nigh on impossible to overlook them. The picture below illustrates my own personal view of how to do this. If you are showing what needs attention, suppress, shade out or put elsewhere all the information about things that do not need attention. The picture on the left is […]

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18 FebWhat do you think? Who should deal with standing instructions?

Slightly different format this week. What do you think? Last week, I was asked about SSI’s in the FX business. Who should do what? Understandable issue as an account may not initially trade FX or might do certain currencies later. I tried to make a general theory for this. Feedback on the following is very […]

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05 FebThe song remains the same: JPM’s whale mess and UBS’s Sub-Prime disaster

When things go wrong, there is often a tendency to say something was a one off or an event so unlikely it could not have been foreseen. Quite often, that hides the truth. At its core, banking is not that difficult or that different from other businesses. Reading the recent write-up of the mess caused […]

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