Monthly Archives: September 2013

30 SepA Day Late & A Dollar Short and claiming a new roadblock

This is a sequel to earlier posts on “Unacceptable Excuses for Not Getting the Job Done”. It’s about big places and what a wise and great old friend, Chris Kundro, aptly titled Big Place BS. The post is inspired by a frustrating experience and my own inability to usher an important process along as fast […]

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12 SepA Whale of a Time with the Smoking Gun Spreadsheet (Revised, with link)

Jamie Dimon has been wishing the Whale problem would simply go away. He has put up a fair defence, rightly pointing out that no clients were harmed and the problem was the bank’s own stupid fault. As admirable as his stance is, three are two aspects of this case that are going to lead to […]

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04 SepGood Cheap Fast = Control Capacity Cost

Some weeks ago a superb picture was posted here on LinkedIn that inspired me. It is a really catchy way of capturing the three qualities that matter to me in my consulting work. 3CAdvisory is about Control, Capacity & Cost. I believe you can align all three of those things. There is a right way […]

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