Monthly Archives: November 2014

17 NovLiquidity costs come home to roost. Near 100% increases in transaction costs

Banks do not always get it right, in fact “hardly ever” may seem more apt. This week’s post tells the story of how the cost of liquidity when properly allocated and charged can dwarf the existing ticket charges we are all familiar with in transaction banking. Banks have to keep liquidity buffers. They are always […]

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03 NovBanks and Chaos. It’s life Andy, but not as you’d like it. How regulators need to help create an orderly infrastructure to enable cooperation.

Left to their own devices, banks will not create an orderly world. There is plenty of evidence of cutting corners, misleading and even criminal behaviour in recent times. In the past couple of posts, we have focussed on the Catch-22 of having to cooperate and how the banks need to do this with the right […]

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