Monthly Archives: May 2016

30 MayA Blockchain thought for Mark Carney ahead of his Mansion House speech.

$2B a year in cost. That is how much I think our industry is carrying in avoidable costs (cf. last week’s post). But who cares? Certainly the regulators don’t really care if the banks have extra costs, but they should be careful what they wish for, or avoid doing. Credit is the oil that makes […]

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22 MayThe Advanced Class on Intraday Liquidity; another $2B in savings and Blockchain potential

This week there is twice as much at stake as there was in last week’s post; $2B vs. just $1B. Every year. The focus for this post is on the external; why is it so expensive for our industry to support the daily process payments processes which make the wheels go round every day? What […]

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