Monthly Archives: September 2016

21 SepThe Bankers’ Plumber on Banking: the failure of culture and Internal Audit at Wells Fargo

Mea culpa. I missed something in last week’s post. Culture. The Wells Fargo misdeeds involved over 5’000 people; yes that means some processes failed, yes that means many people did not do their job properly. It also means that the organisation has a very serious outbreak of rotten culture. As the storm breaks out of […]

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12 SepThe Bankers’ Plumber on Banking: Poor Customer Process Control at Wells Fargo

Bad process with no happy ending. 5’300 sackings and $185mm in fines. That is what resulted at Wells Fargo last week in a series of events that even managed to surprise me. This is a tale of poor leadership and widespread, systemic wrongdoing, as well as bad process. I think it will pique your interest […]

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05 SepThe Bankers’ Plumber on FinTech: Immutability

This week’s post is inspired by the taxman and the work of a Goldman Sachs alum. Even if the words inspiration and taxman are not words you expect to see in the same sentence, please read on, if only for your own inspiration. My consulting activity is run though my limited company. I am already […]

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