Monthly Archives: January 2017

30 Jan3 must haves for great infrastructure: Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Delays, strikes, chaos, misery. Four words that belong in any sentence that starts “Trains in Britain”. Air travel, French air traffic control, strikes, delays.  Four words that anybody who travels by air in Europe will be familiar with. The impact of shortcomings in national infrastructure goes a long way beyond whether we get to work […]

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15 Jan3 reasons to read the UBS view on Blockchain: Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

“Is the Blockchain going to be useful? Discuss.” This would be a valid and great exam question. Good news; the good folks chez UBS have done some great research on this. Yes, big banks and useful in the same breath. “Cutting through the blockchain hype” is worth paying attention to for a number of reasons: […]

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04 Jan3 Tech Innovation Nuggets: Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

There is so much I don’t know and so much amazing innovation going on around us. How to find out about it? Holidays and reading; a time honoured and prized combination. Over Christmas I have been reading the latest edition of Wired magazine. The UK year end double issue is a veritable treasure trove of […]

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