Monthly Archives: June 2017

25 JunDigital gone wrong at Credit Suisse. Messing up the basics. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Trying to wrap up change efforts with the word “digital” will not help you make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear of a process. In some recent client work, I had the pleasure of working with two whip smart young men who showed some real talent at investigating data and identifying issues. As […]

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18 JunDigital is about way more than having an API. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Keeping up with the news on things digital is bloody hard work. If you don’t try, FOMO rears its head and if you do try, it is hard to feel like you have a clear picture and feeling overwhelmed is commonplace. With that said, this week, a few thoughts on banking, banks and digital. APIs […]

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