Monthly Archives: July 2017

24 Jul3 things Digital & Blockchain I learned this week. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

“It’s gonna be great!” If the Donald were to tweet on Blockchain, those would be his words. Like the rest of us though, he would not be clear on when and we would all be a little vague on that phrase so beloved of our colleagues in Agile development; “the definition of done”.  Despair not […]

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10 JulDigital gone wrong in medical insurance. Messing up the channels. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Create an App, go Digital. Simples. Everybody is doing it. A recent experience of dealing with my medical insurance here in Switzerland proves just the opposite. I hope readers will share their examples of “digital gone wrong”. Swiss practice is that you do your own insurance; there is no such thing as company medical. Since […]

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