Monthly Archives: September 2017

22 Sep5 things I learned this week about DLT, Blockchain & Crypto. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

This week a short tour de horizon of news that will, I hope, point the way forward and help you make sense of what is happening in the digital space. All comments and feedback really welcome. Is a weekly “5 things I learned” useful or not? Or a longer piece on a specific topic? Please […]

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12 SepHe who aggregates data wins. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Mastering data is difficult. You could easily get lost amongst the buzzwords; digital, pull, Big Data, APIs, PSD 2. In a recent post, I commented on the need for financial services firms to think beyond the must do regulatory stuff of PSD 2 which forces them to open up their data for third parties to […]

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05 SepThe data dog and the IT tail. Stuff worth knowing from The Bankers’ Plumber

Data is not an IT problem. Data is a business problem. Business is the dog and IT is the tail. Sure it is, you might say, but do things work the right way in your shop? I bet not. Experience from the University of Life (First Class Honours) and the School of Hard Knocks (Summa […]

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