30 JulA statistical reason to outsource

As it is Summer holiday time, it would seem appropriate to have a light hearted post this week. Noodling last week with a client undergoing a massive change  programme wiht lots of jobs being offshred to India, a couple of thoughts occurred to me about offshoring, cost cutting, right sizing or transformation, pick you synonym.

Over the years, I have seen two kinds of outsourcing. Those with the chaos of poor procedures and controls, who end up having cheap, or cheaper chaos and those with some structure of good controsl and procedures and save some money. As best I can see, that is an 80:20 game.

The other thought that occurs is whether actually its all about statistics and an effort to ensure that it could not be said that the firm had too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Lessons Learned: As Disraeli said: “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”



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