Olaf Ransome – Founder & Director
Olaf has over 30 years experience in Financial Services. In a career that has included work in Zurich, New York & London, his work has covered investment banking and private banking. His experience covers many disciplines and product areas.

Data Quality Assurance:

A recurring theme at several stages in his career. From ensuring accurate pricing of client assets, to early efforts to create golden source instrument data, client lifecycle management and most recently to Group level reporting using Big Data with Hadoop to improve on the poor performance of siloed legacy IT stacks.

FX and CLS:

During his time at Credit Suisse, Olaf was one of the pioneers in the CLS business. He worked extensively with the industry and clients to help CLS establish itself and CS to build one of the leading CLS franchises. Olaf helped the industry simplify its practices and was the driving force behind the global simplification of the FX confirmation process. CLS was an enormous catalyst for change, both in FX and in liquidity management. Recently Olaf helped the Wholesale Division of a Japanese bank improve its FX operations infrastructure; this included a project to join CLS as a Settlement Member, completed in just 11 months. This project included a complete overhaul of all Nostro arrangements and the simplification of global intern-bank FX trading, as well as inter-company settlement.

Cash & Liquidity Management:

In banks, this is generally an area that is neglected. Infrastructure is really expensive to run and more often than not it is run far, far less well than it could be. This area of banking has a lot in common with London’s water systems. In 2010, there is a city wide programme to renew the pipes under the capital’s streets. It is generally acknowledged that some 30% of the water simply leaks out and now after some 140 years without investment, there is an urgent need to act and it is expensive. Cash management in banks is the same; the money just drips out all over the place. There is never one big puddle. The little drips really add up, a medium sized investment bank could easily save USD 10 million per year. That’s each year, for ever.

Prime Brokerage:

Part of a team looking at how to extend Prime Brokerage services to the largest private banking clients at Credit Suisse. Project manager for the introduction of equity swap in Saudi Arabia. This role included having to negotiate tax arrangements with the Saudi tax authorities.

Settlement & Custody:

Set-up full service in-house custody organisation for Goldman Sachs in Switzerland. Included development of new settlements system using Gloss from Wilco (now Broadridge).

Private Banking:

Helped Goldman Sachs set-up a new private bank in Switzerland


Olaf holds a first class degree in Business Administration with a Modern Language (BA, Hons) from the University of Loughborough and is a Graduate of the Institute of Marketing (GInstM.) He is also a graduate of the executive programme at the Swiss Finance Institute and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.