The Bankers’ Plumber’s Handbook

Control in banks. How to do operations properly.
For some in the FS world, it is too late. For most, understanding how to make things work properly is a good investment of their time.
My book tries to make it easy for you and includes a collection of real life, true stories from nearly 30 years of adventures in banking around the world. True tales of Goldman Sachs and collecting money from the mob, losing $2m of the partners’ money and still keeping my job and keeping an eye on traders with evil intentions.
So you might like the tool kit, you might like the stories or you might only like the glossary, which one of my friends kindly said was worth the price of the book on its own.  Or, you might like all of it.
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Cash & Liquidity Management: Mastering the Challenges of New Regulations and a Changing Marketplace

This book will help those who work in the Operations area of Financial Services firms and have to deal with the daily business of cash & liquidity management. It will also help those concerned with change in those areas too.

In 2016, there is a huge amount of change, much of it mandatory, must-do. This book explains those changes and offers some insights on how to address them.

This is a practitioner’s guide; the view from the Bankers’ Plumber and one that has had the benefit of input from a broad church of people who do this for a living.

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