Over the last ten years, our business has taken us across the world and into various segments of financial services:


Right now we are involved in something very new: Fnality a dFMI, Distributed Financial Market Utility (Direction - link to case study on Fnality). This will provide the third leg of a holy trinity of tokenised assets, new exchanges and on-chain means of payment. Previously, we worked for a client looking to empower private clients who want to create, trade and store value utilising cutting edge blockchain technology. Aiming to launch a collateralised coin offering using gold. We helped with Business Architecture and Process Design. We have also worked with IBM's Global Business Services on a project dubbed “The Smarter Matching” hub, aimed at improving liquidity management for the banks.

Global Markets

Work on FX & CLS at Nomura, FirstRand, Sberbank and a major Swiss private bank. Our work ranged from preparing the business case all the way to actual implementation. Derivatives clearing at Nomura and State Street.

Group Functions

Where it all comes together; somehow or other. Work with Nordea on improving data quality around statutory and regulatory reporting.

Around the world

Assignments have taken us to London, several times. Moscow, Johannesburg, Moscow, Stockholm, Odessa, Kiev and Zurich.

Our Case Studies

DLT? What Does It Mean If Markets Tokenise?

Tokenised assets, new trading venues, and a means of payment “on-chain”. We are working with Fnality International to help make the third part of this holy trinity a reality.

Can Big Data Rescue Statutory & Regulatory Reporting?

Making the numbers add up. Using a data quality approach with firmware data.

Educating Tomorrow’s Near-Shore Teams

Don’t start the next revolution without properly understanding how banks work.

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