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Change is a both opportunity & a threat. Very often, financial institutions find themselves juggling budgets, priorities and resources for so long that in the end they end up with BMC, Bare Minimum Change, rather like students pulling an all nighter to submit their end-of-term paper. Our approach is to help you take the big picture view; how can you make the most of this opportunity. Think of this like digging up the roads.

End-to-end thinking is a virtue that draws on experience and exposure to many flavours of operational problems. When there is change, how does it affect the whole front-to-back process? Control is often a neglected topic; where will reconciliations be affected, how? What is the impact on cash management?

Connecting-the-dots. We have a lot of data. It takes insight to turn data into knowledge.

A recent client engagement highlights how these skills come together. The topic was CLS membership. Thinking broadly, we used activity data to confirm a view that inter-company activity should be looked at. We discovered inconsistent practice and high volumes in a key subsidiary. The inconsistent practice was costing $750k each year in avoidable external expense. On an NPV basis, the annuity value of that insight was 250x the cost of our insight.

Our Case Studies

DLT? What Does It Mean If Markets Tokenise?

Tokenised assets, new trading venues, and a means of payment “on-chain”. We are working with Fnality International to help make the third part of this holy trinity a reality.

Can Big Data Rescue Statutory & Regulatory Reporting?

Making the numbers add up. Using a data quality approach with firmware data.

Educating Tomorrow’s Near-Shore Teams

Don’t start the next revolution without properly understanding how banks work.

Articles & Views

3 Lessons on data & identity from Covid19

Well lessons from the first half anyway. Data is the new oil. Many tricks were missed by government and individuals alike. I see three things as worth highlighting. 5 min read for some summer enlightment. #1 Digital ID for individuals. Over here in Switzerland we have...

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The perils of Stablecoins

There’s been a lot of talk about Stablecoins, maybe too much talk. With Big Blue,IBM, announcing their World Wire productwith a Stablecoin capability, it seems a good time to ponder how the banks’ plumbing is going to be affected. On-chain payment is an important...

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