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Normal III – Rogue Traders. Some tricks of the trade

Kweku Adoboli. The $2.3B dollar man. Today seems an appropriate day to look at rogue trading, as the man who brought Ossie Grübel’s second coming to an abrupt end appeared at Southwark Crown Court in London; “innocent on all counts m’lud” said the young man. Now if you are ready to believe that, I have […]

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Normal – Do you have a feel for your business?

Banking or financial services tends to involve big numbers. Lots of zeroes; things do go wrong and often in spectacular style. Most recently, that nice Mr Corzine, Goldman Sachs alumnus and over achiever extraordinaire, came a little unstuck at MF Global. With every risk of over simplifying, the mess was what football fans call a […]

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Lessons Learned – Let’s start at the beginning

Banks are amazing places. 24. Years, not the TV show with Kiefer Sutherland as the redoubtable Jack Bauer. That’s how long I have been in the investment banking business for. No guns, not even bad guys, Islamic financing but no Islamic terrorists. But still, on reflection a lot of very amazing things happened in those […]

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