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The perils of Stablecoins

There’s been a lot of talk about Stablecoins, maybe too much talk. With Big Blue,IBM, announcing their World Wire productwith a Stablecoin capability, it seems a good time to ponder how the banks’ plumbing is going to be affected. On-chain payment is an important topic if you believe that the financial services marketplaces will be tokenised and move […]

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A dollar is a dollar. A crypto dollar is a ?

“What exactly are the risks with Tether?” That question was posed to me recently by a very senior exec from one of the tech titans in FAAG. Way back, my friend mined some Bitcoin and he had recently had a rough time turning the sale proceeds into real cash in a bank. Two other recent […]

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This year has seen a few banking fiascos. TSB had a multi-day outage during a migration, VISA lost connectivity for an extended period and the good burghers of Deutsche Bank managed to let a single payment out that was greater than the value of the firm. What are the implications of the regulators looking at […]

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