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#AnalysisParalysis. How not to let others get in our way.

Change, making progress, moving forward. Good, desirable things. You’d be hard pressed to find anybody who would voice opposition to them. Yet, change is seldom easy and rarely straightforward. Why? “I am not sure about X”, “I need to understand more about Y”, “I have questions about Z”. Those lines, and many others like them, […]

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Blockchain: Will banks benefit? A view on where the levers are

Optimistic. With 2020 now behind us, that word sums my Bankers’ Plumber’s view of what is ahead of us in wholesale banking in 2021. A longish read, so you might want to save it for chillaxing on Sunday. This past year I have had the great fortune to work both in the payments arena, with […]

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

A few insights to share from recent work with financial institutions on how to take steps toward change in the world of digital assets. In the halls of these august, large institutions, there is often talk about whether to be a first mover vs. being a fast follower. You might call this a head vs. heart […]

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3 Lessons on data & identity from Covid19

Well lessons from the first half anyway. Data is the new oil. Many tricks were missed by government and individuals alike. I see three things as worth highlighting. 5 min read for some summer enlightment. #1 Digital ID for individuals. Over here in Switzerland we have been “opening up” for a few weeks now. Understandably, […]

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The perils of Stablecoins

There’s been a lot of talk about Stablecoins, maybe too much talk. With Big Blue,IBM, announcing their World Wire productwith a Stablecoin capability, it seems a good time to ponder how the banks’ plumbing is going to be affected. On-chain payment is an important topic if you believe that the financial services marketplaces will be tokenised and move […]

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