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When in Rome: How not to establish a presence in a foreign country

The phrase “when in Rome” is most often used to describe how one ought to adapt to local norms and culture. Years ago, a good friend from days on the Salomon Brothers training programme coined a spoof on this: “When in Rome, drive like a Parisian”, no doubt alluring to the fact that inside every […]

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Costs: what to legitimately count when figuring out the costs

What’s the cost? Last week, I offered some thoughts on being clear what are true benefits when you have an idea costs. To set the frame of reference, let’s think about an airline. If you can sell all the seats at full price, then happy days. Now imagine that once that is not the case […]

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Cost savings: what to legitimately count when figuring out the benefits

What’s the benefit? Quantify the savings! Both well known chants in our industry and in other industries. Benefits have to be quantified. Fair enough. Quite often, as in many things in the financial services industry, I have seen some math that just does not stand up to much scrutiny, both in terms of reflecting genuine […]

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