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More Business Travel. The Ashes Test.

April 2010. London. With its well known complete inability to deal with snow and the ease with which “British Rail” succumbs to something as everyday as “leaves on the track”, the United Kingdom has to be the spiritual home of travel disruption.  With that said, something really unique is in the air. Up in Iceland, […]

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More Business Travel. How to travel during Ramadan.

September 2007. The Middle East. Meeting clients during Ramadan is something that is known to be tricky. We knew about this challenge as we set out to talk to clients about our new Islamic financing product. Working through the challenge was something we thought would be better than putting the meetings off and trying to […]

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More Business Travel. An Indian Hospital.

November 2003. Mumbai. My first ever trip to India. It’s hot and sticky as we move between meetings in the sprawling metropolis. The juxta position of affluence and abject poverty is s sight that shocked me then and on my subsequent visits. As we meet with our clients I am feeling very queasy and consume […]

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