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Sleepy fingers. A close cousin of fat fingers.

The Germans like rules. “We hev rules,” as they, and the Swiss, would say. So when a supervisor in a bank approved a payment for 222,222,222.22 million Euros that should have been for 64.20, the price of not obeying the rules was the sack. The rules were enforced even though the error was spotted and […]

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Hire good people when you can not when you have to: HR easily overwhelmed

Downturn. There is an over supply of good people seeking a new job. There is though still what was once termed a “War for Talent”, not Talents as many grammatically challenged German speakers would have it, with their proclivity for putting an “s” where it does not belong. All of the following are wrong and […]

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Nothing to report?

Enough of travel and back to the daily business of controlling the days events. In past Blog posts Ihave written about the difference between Control Reports and Reference reports. This is all about Control reports, which means specifically ones that should show you exceptions. if there are breaks or differences, then your report or screen […]

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