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A statistical reason to outsource

As it is Summer holiday time, it would seem appropriate to have a light hearted post this week. Noodling last week with a client undergoing a massive change  programme wiht lots of jobs being offshred to India, a couple of thoughts occurred to me about offshoring, cost cutting, right sizing or transformation, pick you synonym. […]

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Why not do something just once? Internecine wars in banks

As a kid, I wondered why Chrysler had a van and Dodge had the same van even though they were in the same group. In recent years, car makers have got a whole lot smarter, with a revolution started by a Spaniard, Ignaki Lopez at VW, who kicked off an industrialisation trend. Far more often […]

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Why save messages if SWIFT fees are fixed?

This week’s post is about how fixed price deals can lead to wonky thinking. In recent years, the good folk at SWIFT have come up with a fixed price plan. Not quite the same as one of those nice all you can $5.99 breakfasts in holiday resort in America, but similar and in fact adjusted […]

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