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Infrastructure. Lessons from Bill Shankly and Boris Johnson

Infrastructure. The Cinderella Function and the forgotten asset; not just in banks. Inspiration for this week’s post comes from three sources that are poles apart, both in time and style. For all the differences, the stories help make a point that is near and dear to me; the value of robust infrastructure and the need […]

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First Hand First Impressions – Amex, that will not do nicely!

First impressions count. That is not news and in fact is such old hat, that one would think most businesses really understand this. Not so, the good folk of American Express. As a process hawk, I love a good process on the one hand and get a bit OCD about bad process on the other; […]

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Ideas and Metcalfe’s Law

Ideas are worth sharing. This week’s post is inspired by two recent events; a great post on LinkedIn and a conversation with a great friend and great thinker over lunch about why it pays to share ideas. Over a recent lunch with one of the great thinkers in and around the Financial Services business, Simon […]

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