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3 Lessons Banks might learn from Swatch

Inspiration for this week’s post comes from a recent presentation for the Swiss Finance Institute. I have always maintained that there is nothing special about banking, so included in that presentation were thoughts on what might be learned from the great watch company. Success with production in one of the world’s most expensive locations In […]

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3 Must Do Controls for Client Reference Data

This week’s post is inspired by some client work and offers a few suggestions for the kinds of control needed to ensure that client data is both accurate and complete. In times passed, setting up a client account was more art than science. There might have been twenty fields to fill in. If you filled […]

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Regulators are setting the bar very high and looking hard at Operations.

“CFTC fines Merrill Lynch $1.2 mln for client fee errors”. This was the headline from an Aug 24th Reuters article. Reading it was a surprise and it wasn’t; after all, fines for banks are almost an everyday  occurrence. What was a surprise was the nature of the fine and the detail of the case. The […]

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