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3 lessons on Bitcoin for everyman in Financial Services.

Eureka. Up until last week, I had not really understood Bitcoin and had only just begun to understand how the Blockchain aka distributed ledger part of Bitcoin was going to affect financial services. More on the latter in coming weeks. This week, I hope my view of my “Bitcoin epiphany” will enlighten others. Slow Train […]

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3 thoughts on cleaning up big banks

A trinity of interesting news items have inspired this week’s post: “Flaws too bad to reveal”, “Financial Services Firms Face Disruption from New Entrants” and note that this weekend UBS will go live with its ring-fenced new domestic entity. Financial Services Firms Face Disruption from New Entrants Chris Harvey, Deloitte’s Global Head of FS, shared […]

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1 way to drive Transaction & Correspondent Banking costs down

Catch 22. Transaction Banks find themselves in an awkward set of circumstances of almost perfect storm like quality. Regulation, such as BCBS 248 and LCR, forces them to do all kinds of liquidity monitoring and keep reserves in the form of HQLA, High Quality Liquid Assets. Other regulations from the payments systems set rules for […]

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