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3 ways FinTech might help small and medium sized business

This week’s post is inspired by an article in the Times: “Too posh to pay: now suppliers attack Waitrose”. Old story, new song. This is about payments and when bills get paid. The villain is Waitrose, which is a grocery chain and part of the well known John Lewis Group. They are taking 3x longer to […]

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3 Blockchain Thoughts for 2016

The year is off and running. Blockchain and the potential for massive back-office savings is at the front of both mind and mouth. I offer the thoughts here with no desire “to be right”. Rather, I am suggesting that these are the areas  in the FS industry which need  focus and understanding. Without this, progress […]

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Trailer Fees & Retrocessions; Kickbacks by any other name

Two news items from opposite sides of the Atlantic have inspired this first post of 2016. The kickback is nothing new, nor is it something confined to banks. The latest cases show just how banks try to gain the upper hand in the game of cat & mouse both with regulations and clients. The dictionary […]

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