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How to better control costs from your Network of banks, custodians and vendors.

The “Aha moment”. That moment of total clarity and understanding. I am an Ops centric guy, so I think about controls over Nostro banks and custodians. A recent encounter, made me realise that banks have the same problems controlling IT vendors who are providing outsourced services. This week’s thoughts build on a previous post about […]

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5 things learned about FinTech and Blockchain last week

Hype. There is plenty of it around Blockchain. Nothing I do, or say, will make it go away, but perhaps I can help drive a realistic perspective on. These five lessons are the result of some conversations in London last week and some research. I hope they help others’ understanding of the shifting sands. If […]

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3 thoughts on checking what you pay your bank or custodian for

The prompt for this week’s post is a story about fees charged by State Street, the major custodian: “State Street overbilled customers $200m over 18 years”. Institutions pay many fees to their banks and their custodians. Fees are not an easy thing to reconcile. There is nothing as simple as a SWIFT MT950 cash reconciliation: […]

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