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3 major changes in Transaction & Correspondent Banking

“Every year in transaction banking the demands are the same; either the same for less or more for the same”  An accepted wisdom in our industry that I first heard quoted from a fellow Goldman Sachs alum and doyen of the custody business, Robert Kay. Well, those days are over. Transaction services, or correspondent banking, […]

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One way to use less intraday credit

Please Sir, I want less Today, your Nostro allows you an intraday overdraft limit. It is unadvised and uncommitted; the Nostro can and might take it away without notice. As a rule, Nostros process your payments on a FIFO basis. Most banks release payments to the Nostro sometime on value date – 1. As those […]

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Intraday Liquidity – Trap #3. Challenge before agreeing to pay

The sum of the parts may not make the whole Let’s assume you have talked to your Nostro. Yes, they will supply MT910’s and MT900’s and yes, you can agree on a price that is not daylight robbery. Wait! Do not sign-up. A couple of things to check on before you put pen to paper. […]

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