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3 letters that are the root of all evil: the SSI and a bit of Blockchain

Reference data is either the root of all evil or the fountain of all good. My experience is that this is an 80:20 in the devil’s favour. Standing Settlement Instructions, SSI’s, are the subject of this week’s thoughts with inspiration coming from actual market experience where things really did not go according to plan. With […]

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3rd of 3 Financial Service things that could be better with real money in Blockchain

Last week’s post looked at Payment vs. Payment. This week, Delivery vs. Payment or DvP, the exchange of securities vs. payment. #3 Delivery vs. Payment (DvP) Securities settlement today falls into one of three methods; i) via an ICSD, an International Central Securities Depository, for example Euroclear, Clearstream or SIX, ii) a CSD, a domestic […]

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