What skill set to attribute on LinkedIn to those who make life harder than it has to be?

LinkedIn has many good things. Having your contacts confirm your skill has some value. I was musing with a colleague on what skills would be endorsed if we were able to “label” those who really make life harder than it has to be. Three came to mind immediately. Perhaps you have other valid uses of “alphabet soup”.

PPO: Progress Prevention Officer. Those who prevent things moving forwards by hiding behind unnecessary processes

OSO: Obtuse Statement Officer. Those who make it anything but clear about what needs to be done or why they have not done something

CT: Chocolate Teapot. Useless in the role they are in


Lessons to be Learned: I would though only read so much into the endorsement part of LinkedIn; there is a high chance of people just ticking the box, because it is there. But, I would say if a lot of people endorse a skill, there will be something to it.

On the other side, it is wishful thinking that you could show your displeasure at poor performance too.

I of course would get an ASB, Awkward Swiss B’Stard and Jeremy Clarkson would get an RPD, Right Prima Donna.

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