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The Bankers’ Plumber on FinTech: 3 Things I have learned in the last week

SIBOS, probably the largest global gathering of the FS profession, took place in Geneva last week. Not surprisingly, this was a catalyst for many announcements on matters FinTech. FinTech is a tricky subject to keep up with and that effort has something in common with trying to stay on top of things clearing, Dodd Frank […]

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The Bankers’ Plumber on FinTech: Immutability

This week’s post is inspired by the taxman and the work of a Goldman Sachs alum. Even if the words inspiration and taxman are not words you expect to see in the same sentence, please read on, if only for your own inspiration. My consulting activity is run though my limited company. I am already […]

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3 things Blockchain to understand this week.

Keeping up this topic is a real challenge. I feel much like I did when Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Clearing were foisted on us; you think you have a grasp of things, when along comes some news and you start to question what you know. Here are my three observations for the week on the B […]

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