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3 Essential Things to Understand about Operations in Investment Banking

“Reassuringly Boring.” That is a good day at the office for an Operations professional. The operative word here is “reassuringly”; in Operations when the days starts, you ought to have an idea of what to expect that day and as an Operations professional, you would like it to work out that way. This is not […]

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Sound analysis or whimsical fiat?

No Italian cars in this week’s post, rather the first in a series looking at how often decisions made in big places are more the product of whim rather than objective and based on extensive analysis. Back in the day, in secondary school, or high school for the Americans, we learnt about linear equations. You […]

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Four C words and the Swiss. And there’s no chocolate.

Fear not, this is not a recap of the recent John Terry case. This is about competing in the global economy. It is about our local economy in Switzerland and specifically how we compete. Although the story takes place in the financial markets, the issue here is a national one and not specific to the […]

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Trade Date & Settlement Date; Two sides of the same reconciliation coin

The UBS rogue trader case, featuring its alleged perpetrator, Kweku Adoboli, was in court this last week. Reading some of the many reports highlighted to me the importance of some of the controls we have in banks and the need to fully understand them. A date can make all the difference; timing, as the expression […]

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