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Paying for Stuff That You Don’t Use Properly.

Last week, we took a look at stuff you pay for and your clients don’t use. This week, a subtle variation. Paying for stuff that you don’t use properly. When you negotiate to buy something, you will be starting from the notion that you need whatever good or service you are looking at. There is […]

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Cut costs now. Paying for Stuff Nobody Uses.

Banks need to cut their costs. This is actually always true, however in late Summer 2012 the need is acute as bankers fight with low interest rates, low volumes and low revenues. Banks are though not really efficient at the best of times and in the worst of times, that really hurts. Banks send their […]

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Imperialism and Bullying. The Americans are not playing cricket

Standard Chartered. They are the whipping boy du jour suffering at what I term “long hand of American imperialism”. This week they stand accused of all sorts of wrongdoing connected to Iran. Before them Credit Suisse, Lloyds, ABN and Barclays have been pressured in to handing over fistfuls of green backs to Uncle Sam for […]

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