About Intraday Liquidity




Liquidity matters. It really does. Recent events at Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse and even some of the UK pension funds have that liquidity in common.

I recently taught a course on Intraday Liquidity Management, or as I prefer to title it: Real-Time Liquidity Management. If you are interested in matters of liquidity, the materials are available to download here. It’s a lot cheaper than the course and you can go at your own pace.

Now it’s not the same as listening to my dulcet tones for a few hours and not as interactive as covering the materials with your fellow students, but it’s a pretty good set of materials. In particular, it shares some views on how important operational capabilities are; those are the things which drive your ability to manage your business today, making you ready for any storms and disruptions. Tuning those capabilities is a valuable thing across the board in wholesale banking, for sell-side to buy-side to corporates.

If you’d prefer to have me come and talk about real-time liquidity management to you and your team, or to your clients. please just get in contact.